Another thing that i came across while searching for the appropriate UK university for a degree in HR was that there was an option of taking the Human Resource Development -HRD path or Human Resource Management - HRM path.  Although i did have an idea about the basic difference between the two there was still a lot to be learnt in terms of the actual theoritical knowledge which is provided in the curriculum  of any University.

Majority of the courses provided few common modules (or subjects, as they are called in UK) present in both HRM & HRD while the remaining modules could be chosen as against a provided set each different for the two courses.

Now what exactly is HRD.

HRD or Human Resource Development deals with the particular intent of increasing the capabilities & potential of employees by providing continuous learning & development opportunities . This learning  is provided by appropriate training to enhance skills & knowledge to a level of  carrying out work efficiently. The performance is then monitored & subject to continuous improvement so that growth is maximised for promotion.

 Well this is as simply & as concisely as I could put it   :)      For its difference with HRM you could check out the previous post in the same section which gives both the art & science view of HR with an MA & MSc :)  

Feel free to post any questions in case of any doubts & i’ll answer back with what experience i had as a student :)


  1. wow … thats a great post :) keep them coming karishma really useful stuff .. all da best.

  2. Nice post.

    I follow a blog related to Importance of Human Resource management.

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  3. Saif

    Good one. colud you pls. specify the particular intent as you stated.



  4. Jaya

    Thanks a lot Karishma

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