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Change is Constant !

Hi there !

This blog started out as a complete Human Resource blog.

Your feedback, comments and questions did a lot to shape it and help spread the knowledge.

Over a period I realized that though HR forms the major & favourite part of my education & experience….and the following of people on the blog is HR centric why not revel in change because I have so much to share :)

Daily happenings, events visited, products bought/seen, people met, places visited and just about everything & anything about everybody & anybody & everything & anything :)

Change is inevitable and the only constant of life…so why not adhere to this life concept even in the virtual world

Wish me luck because YOU make the change successful…… actually…… though your appreciation means the worldthere’s also a change of thinking here ……… that I make myself, I make my work, I make my relationships, I make my life, I make my destiny.

See you fresh and anew !

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