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54 hours

The 54 hours at the Delhi StartUp Weekend yielded results and how !

A speech by Dave McClure on how to pitch to an investor lent learning support to the teams who had just 5 minutes each to compress the hard work of the past 54 hours into a presentation for the panel of judges

The ideas presented by the young entrepreneurs were amazing – ranging from how one could earn money while waiting for a metro, getting your voice to emote on social media, choosing spectacles that make you look sexy online itself  to getting rewarded for your poop !!  I kid you not !

While the age limit knew no bar..neither did nationality as Croatians & Americans seemed as much part of the crowd as Delhiites & Indians from various parts of the country.

An honorable mention was given to – a replacement to business cards by Quick Response codes

while BUYERFRONT , BRING – a technology that brings new apps to the Iphone in 1 touch & YELLBIRDS – a vocal means of communication using social media were given 2 more weeks to getting mentored & trying their luck!

The 3rd place at the Delhi StartUp weekend went to SPEXY – a mobile app to superimpose frames on the face, get facebook feedback and buy it online

2nd place was taken by – A futuristic kiosk with immersive gestures and speech recognition, making shopping more personal.

1st place went to POOP REWARDS – an initiative to promote sanitation projects through the mobile based on loyalty & rewards.

All winners received goodie bags from BigRock,, Impel crm while POOP REWARDS also received a 200$ gift card from Amazon & of course Funding :)

A very learning event to attend, the Delhi StartUp Weekend surely proved that any idea backed with confidence and customer validation can be made into a feasible product. After all now – Brown is the new Green !!   ;-)

Photos :  Dec 9th            Dec 11th

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