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FemmeHire Femme of the Month – Rachana Mirpuri

This bubbly young lady has used her talent for writing to serve her love for the ingrained beliefs and idiosyncrasies of her community- the Sindhis  The Editor of Beyond Sindh Magazine, she has not only created a platform for young sindhis to contribute their … Continue reading

FemmeHire Faire: CRAFTMYGIFT – Jyoti Ramnath

Once we got an order from a lady in New York who wanted to send a gift to her mother for Mother’s Day. Because of the time difference, it was getting difficult to coordinate with her and we had only … Continue reading

FemmeHire Faire: FABLOGUE – Rana Mumtaz

“We feature some of the best emerging talent out there. Our designers are highly talented capable of winning design awards such as the rising star or the CFDA/Vogue fund awards. Most of them make their items in small quantities paying … Continue reading

FemmeHire Femme of the Month-Neha Sanghvi Bhansali

She is an award winning architect working fulltime, a teacher of Vedic philosophy at a private school, a wife at home ..but minus-es that role as she works alongside her husband in office………a multi faceted femme who credits meditation to … Continue reading

FemmeHire Faire-The BabySitting Company-Rachel Charlupski

“I think that males make great babysitters too and I get tons of requests for male babysitters and I am always able to fill them. “ Rachel Charlupski, Founder – The BabySitting Company    has a lot of 20 hour work … Continue reading

FemmeHire Faire-Kindle Magazine-Pritha Kejriwal & Maitreyi Kandoi

What does an active Day Trader in the stock market have in common with a Journalist working for NDTV & Hindustan Times ?  Hint…..  “We believe, the youth is a thinking, socially & culturally aware individual, ready to learn, understand … Continue reading

FemmeHire Faire-How the Banana goes to Heaven & other secrets from the Indian kitchen (Ratna Rajaiah)

“As our cells are nourished and replenished, rejuvenated, our noses should exult in the embrace of a hundred aromas. Our taste buds should laugh joyously at being tickled by all the six tastes” Food for Thought?! How the Banana goes … Continue reading

FemmeHire Femme of the Month-Maria Aristidou

The New Year welcomes the new FemmeHire Femme of the Month - Maria Aristidou  Applause \o/ \o/\o/…………. 2 Degrees,  5 Practitioners Diplomas and 42 years of her life later, Maria has finally discovered what she is really passionate about in life and would finally … Continue reading

FemmeHire “happy new year” Mail


Hi lovely lady! There’s this inexpressible feeling of jolly-ness in the air  as it ushers in a brand new 365 days only for good A popular time for resolutions to be made ….only to be broken later ! NO ! … Continue reading

FemmeHire Friday Mail


Hi lovely lady ! Last friday saw the launch of a new section called FemmeHire Faire The word Faire in French means to do or to be FemmeHire Faire is dedicated to the ladies who do good or different work … Continue reading

FemmeHire Faire: MeritC2-Creatives & Communications (Ritika Bajaj & Meghna Shah)

MeritC2 – Creatives and Communications from Concept to Creation MeritC2 is derived from the names of  - MEghna and RITika It was launched in the August of 2009 WHAT A complete content and design house for branding and communication needs in different formats, MeritC2 operates … Continue reading