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Features of a ‘good’ job advert


Advertising is sometimes the best option in recruitment to help fill a vacancy. The aim of an advert should be to get an effective response for the least possible cost. It should explain briefly the contents of the job and … Continue reading

Sources of Recruitment


Employees are the biggest asset of an organization. Hence, its important that the right candidates be hired -not only for efficiency & productivity but also as recruitment could be a costly process. There are various sources to recruit the right … Continue reading

The Resourcing Specialist & The Line Manager


The 2 main people involved in any recruitment activity in an organization are – The Resourcing Specialist The Line Manager The Resourcing Specialist is responsible for the overall management of the entire recruitment & selection process He/She helps the Line … Continue reading

Tips to create a fair job advert


It is very important that a job advert be fair and non-discriminatory against any gender, race, age group etc This not only reflects the organization as an Equal Opportunities employer but also generates goodwill. If a positive action program is … Continue reading

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Recruitment – Simply put


Recruitment, simply put- means obtaining a suitable candidate for a vacant post in an organization An organization aims to employ the best suited candidate without regard to religion, marital status, gender, racial origin, sexual preference etc so that it is … Continue reading